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About the Digital Archives

I have been creating websites since 1995 and blogging since 1999. Along the way I've created a lot of interesting content and websites that is no longer current (often the websites are for organizations that are no longer in existence even), but the materials may still be of historical or just curious interest.

There are of course automated internet archives (such as that do a wonderful job of archiving old websites, but they can't everything. And in particular some content dear to me never was archived by them.

So that is why I've created this site. It will take time to review and upload this old content but I'm hoping it will be of interest to others in the future.

About copyright permissions

Most of the material is content that I have created. It is copyrighted by myself but in most cases is available for non-commercial use. With regards to the other material, it consists either of material for which I have secured the right to republish or it is material that I am republishing under the "fair use" guidelines due to the material not being available elsewhere online. If I have made a mistake and have content on this website that should not be published, please contact me so I can correct it right away.

About the creator of this site

My contact information and other information of interest can be found on my website


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