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Society's Finest
Private Conflicts and Suicides EP
Reviewed by John Sant
5 stars

Whoo-doggy! Y'all better check out this here hardcore band from Texas. The boot-stompin' music of these young fellers is twice as massive as the biggest cowboy hat you can find.

Kicking off the album is some sampling that sounds an awful lot like the intro to Embodyment's album. This isn't surprising seeing as how Kris McCaddon (former Embodyment vocalist and lyricist) did the art direction and a little helping out with the recordings. Each song is distinctly metal, but completely different than the preceding track. Track three, "Eggshell," starts off with the bass humming along, which is then joined by a laid-back, yet searing guitar track (trust me). After a few counts of that, the band slams into one of the most awesome hooks I've ever heard. Imagine walking along the street, humming quite happily, then getting repeatedly hit by a diesel truck. The riff pounds you down into the ground, then lifts you up for a second, only to drop you down again.

The rest of the album doesn't disappoint either. Each song has a memorable hook, and they all are done well. Musicianship is first rate. So is the production for that matter. Barry Poynter recorded and produced this album, and it shows.

Fans of ZAO and Embodyment must get this album. Even though this is only an EP, it's worth buying. You shouldn't have to wait too long for a follow-up to this album as Society's Finest just got signed to Solid State Records. Still, this will have to content you until then, and content you it will.

Don't mess with Texas.

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